About Leverable SEO

Every digital marketing company has its strengths. Ours is search engine optimization. Our core offering is centered around holistic SEO consulting services with an emphasis on analytics – strategic, technical and content-focused SEO that looks at the big picture. We treat SEO as a long term strategic endeavor for lifting revenue and building brands. Our best results come from consulting with you to develop a custom SEO strategy that entails:

What makes Leverable different?

We don’t believe that the best ideas are only formed in Monday morning meetings and we don’t subscribe to the theory that you do your best work in a suit and tie. We’re just as comfortable working at 2:00 a.m. as 2:00 p.m. and we just don’t see the need for all the bureaucratic hurdles many search marketing agencies make their clients and their employees go through.

  • We’re not a jack of all trades. We do one thing well. SEO.
  • We’re a company partner, not an agency. Call us an agency? Those are fighting words!
  • Expertise minus the luxuries cuts client costs. We work virtual, utilize trusted contractors and only take on clients we can help.

What we're bad at.

If you’re looking for a full service search marketing company to manage your paid media, set up social media accounts and automate link building, Leverable is not for you. We’re sure we can think of more things we’re bad at, but these top the list:

  • “Tacking on” SEO at the end of a website project
  • Creating one package that fits all client needs
  • AdWords – you mean there’s a paid search?
  • Selling – proud not to have a sales staff
  • Golf

Who Pulls the Levers?

The good news is, all of these sentiments weren’t just born from anarchist frustration, they grew out of experience. Over 15 years of experience. Atlanta SEO consultant Emory Rowland knew after years of red tape and stuffy dress-shirts consulting with brands both in-house and in the agency world that there must be a better way. Thus Leverable evolved from a part-time labor of love to a full-fledged company. We’ve had hands in the SEO industry since the late 1990s when everyone still had a flip phone. In fact, Leverable got off the ground thanks to the revenues we pulled in from our own web publishing and SEO efforts. We apply those same principles to our clients.

Emory Rowland


Emory Rowland's passion for SEO-driven results spans over a decade and successes include optimization strategies for brands like GameStop, Chick-fil-A, The Home Depot, InterContinental Hotels Group, A Small Orange, Rooms To Go and others.  He is the creator and editor of popular Leverable blogs like Clickfire and Testimony Share.

Suzana Rowland


Co-founder Suzana Rowland has experience in the banking and technology industries that help keep Leverable financially fit. Suzana specializes in providing solutions for our local Atlanta, GA SEO clients. She maintains a frugal fashion blog that emphasizes faith.

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