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Why Some Agencies Unnecessarily Suck

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Not all, but some search marketing agencies have the tendency to hang onto the worst of habits. Do these sound familiar?

They Waste Your Money

So your agency’s offices look more like an art gallery than a functional workspace and they won’t stop talking about that company trip to Belize last year. And do you really want to know how much of your money went towards the break-area basketball court for interns to “let off steam” on? Look, I’m not saying the perks aren’t nice or that a luxurious office is a sign of frivolous spending, but wouldn’t it be nice to know all your money was going towards your campaign and not towards extras for the execs? At Leverable we work virtually and without all the fluff – that translates to a better campaign and more cash going directly to your SEO strategy, right where it should.

They See You as a Check, Not a Company

When’s the last time you called your agency and got someone on the phone who didn’t seem exasperated with your problems or questions? The persistent issue with agencies is that they’re big, often too big, which means you can easily get lost in the shuffle if you’re not their Number One Client. Sure, you’ve got an account rep but they’re hard to get a hold of and you get the feeling your ideas would be heard more clearly if you added another zero to the end of your monthly check…that’s not the way it should be. Why not work with a small group of people who know the ins and outs of your company’s situation and care more about the numbers in your checkbook than theirs? Yeah, we’re talking about ourselves.

They’re the Definition of “Inside the Box”

There’s something to be said for that old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but what if it hasn’t been fixed since 1978? Because they’re so large agencies tend to have a hard time evolving since getting everyone on the same page is such a feat which can translate to stale, stagnant ideas and business practices. We don’t really get why agencies feel the need organize their offices as a hierarchy or what good can come from mandating employees work from 9-5. And don’t even get us started on only hiring the talent that’s available locally… If you’re looking for a little more creativity and innovation from your SEO partner and you’re just not getting it, now may be the time to think outside the agency.

They’re Slow

Traditional agencies can be like governments; they’re big, inefficient and way too tied up with red tape. There’s no reason a simple title tag change should take a week and when you call your rep, why does your question have to go through 8 other filters before you get an answer? We believe good business doesn’t mean every decision has to be passed in a meeting and creative, exciting ideas don’t necessarily have to be green lighted by a manager. Where’s the fun in that? Agencies are too often like dinosaurs. No matter how cutting edge or new age they seem to be, they’re still too bound to the past era’s model to serve your company effectively.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve got a lot of agency friends and swear by the benefits of the corporate structure, but here we work fast and virtual which means you’re never far from an answer or change. If you think your company’s SEO strategy could use some new blood, contact Leverable to get a sound no-frills path to the results you deserve.

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