Be Thankful for Unsung SEO Heroes

Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to get this post that’s been in my head out.

The SEO community isn’t generally known for its philanthropy. Many people try to keep their discoveries to themselves to maintain a competitive advantage. However, some SEO professionals are committed to giving back to their colleagues. These people rarely get appreciation for the work they provide. This post is my thanks to some of the dedicated pros that have helped make SEO easier for everyone. Learn More »

My site was attacked cartoon face

When Google Penalizes Google

On those rare occasions when a corporation announces that it is penalizing itself, I get suspicious. Self-abasement should be voluntary, humiliating and one would think, painful. To gain, there has to be pain. Learn More »

Lawrence Page Driving Google Car

If Google Built Cars

Remember the old If Microsoft Built Cars meme that imagined a hypothetical vehicle built by the company that brought you the Windows operating system and all its annoyances? A car available after the year it was named for that you’d have to periodically restart? That you’d be constantly pressured to upgrade? That came with new features like the “General Car Fault” warning light which competitor models already had for years? And so many faults that people just accepted? Learn More »