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Doing Atlanta SEO Consulting these past two decades has been amazing as the city and search industry both thrive. Atlanta, GA remains home turf and a very special place to work and live… yes, even during rush hour traffic. Most clients live right here in the Atlanta area or OTP (suburbs like Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, etc.) or in Georgia. The home field advantage has worked.

Why Atlanta Needs SEO

Metro Atlanta GDP Growth Chart, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, current dollars
Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

The demand for professional Atlanta SEO services is high because Metro Atlanta is the largest economy of all metro areas in the Southeast. Atlanta is growing fast and a leader in tech industries like mobile technologies, Internet security and digital media. The city is also competitive with a low cost of living and high quality of life where you can travel to 80% of the U.S. population in two hours from Hartsfield-Jackson. A few more SEO conferences would be nice, but you get the point.

Buying Local

Do you like supporting the people who live and work in your local community. The ability to meet in person and shake someone’s hand still goes a long way, even in post-pandemic times. Sharing a sense of place and values like cheering the same sports team and having your kids in the same school matters.

Let’s assume you prefer doing business in Georgia and in the Atlanta area.

Have you noticed these patterns when you search for your Atlanta SEO service in search engines?

  • exact match domains that include the keywords “Atlanta SEO”
  • digital marketing directories
  • marketing agencies that offer SEO along with many services
  •  “Atlanta SEO companies” not located in Atlanta or Georgia

Same-city Business Can Increase ROI

How familiar are you with Southern-style barbecue?

That’s what the owner of a top Atlanta BBQ restaurant we spoke with wondered as he listened to the SEO consultant on the phone.

He’d been searching for the perfect SEO for years.

“Are you located in Atlanta, er, the USA?”

“I’m in the UAE.”

SEO starts with understanding the client’s business and audience. With all the pride, culture and nuances surrounding barbecue in the southern United States, how much do you think location would impact the results of this engagement?

Types of Atlanta SEO Services

Atlanta Search Engine Optimization Search on Clutch

Clutch, the marketing database that features over 150k agencies, lists 451 search engine optimization providers within the Atlanta, Georgia area. Among these, are marketing agencies, web design firms, freelancers, and professional consultants. To narrow the list down, ask yourself what types of SEO services your business truly needs (local, technical SEO, content development, outreach, etc.).

Know that SEO is a long-term, strategic endeavor. The type of Atlanta SEO service you choose impacts your company’s success for years. Research and sketch out your list of SEO companies that specialize in the service you most need. Challenge them to prove their results. Be skeptical of the ones that happen to do SEO on the side.

Atlanta SEO by Focus
Atlanta SEO firms by focus. Consultants make up just 22% of total.

Approach to Atlanta SEO

A consultancy can do things differently than agencies. Compare the two. Leverable offers Atlanta advantages.

  • Experienced SEO Consultants – Take this dare and ask your Atlanta SEO rep if he has ever built a website from the ground up and optimized it. What was it? You may be surprised at the answer. Go with a consultant who’s done it and can deliver it again.
  • Specialization – Take comfort that the person you are talking to about your business objectives lives and breathes search engine optimization. Take advantage of a specialist. Leave the generalists for the competition.
  • Proven Consistent Results – No one hits the bullseye every single time. We try and learn when we miss. On average, our clients receive substantial increases in organic search visits from our SEO campaigns.
  • National Brand Background – It’s privilege to have led SEO initiatives for national brands headquartered in Atlanta and elsewhere but very rewarding to bring what we’ve learned to smaller businesses looking to grow.
  • Customized Strategy – The best solution is one tailored for your company’s unique business problems.
  • Analytical Approach – Sometimes it takes a relentless curiosity to find answers that bring the results you want.
  • Cost-effective – We offer SEO consulting services at a fraction of what agencies charge and with great outcomes.

Who We Serve

We fit well with clients like these:

  • United States brands seeking growth
  • Multilocation small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Ecommerce
  • Startups

Atlanta Home Advantage

Ask your current SEO agency what ITP or OTP means and observe their reaction. We meet face-to-face with Atlanta companies. We love the relationship. If we’re not a match, we can refer you to an Atlanta marketing partner we trust.

Grow your Atlanta business with an SEO strategy.

Contact Leverable!

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