Tombstone Inscription: Tales From The SERPs

Tales from the SERPs

Are you planning on sharing ghost stories with your friends and family this Halloween? You may not need to. I found some terrifying tales of cherished brands that fell victim to some of the darkest penalties ever forged from the pits of Mountain View.

Is Google “Behind You?”

With Google, you can do everything they ask and still get penalized. Yes, white hats can finish last. Many people like Jon Cooper have stopped even trying for fear of being penalized. Learn More »

Modern World Problem Meme: Beat by an Encyclopdia Site

10 Reasons Wikipedia Outranks You

I have noticed something over the 12 years that I have been using Google search. Wikipedia is usually on the front page every time I run a search. This has led me to believe that Wikipedia is probably the single best optimized website on the Internet. I’ve conducted research and found that it does in fact receive more search traffic than any other site in the world.

So why is Wikipedia ranking so highly in the search engines and what can you learn from it? Learn More »

Starting a car with SEO (license plate)

SEO for Startups: Lethal Mistakes

Organic search is one of the best sources of inbound leads. Data from Search Engine Journal shows that SEO leads are about nine times more likely to convert and cost 61% less than outbound leads. SEO clearly provides a strong return on investment, which makes it ideal for startups with small budgets. Learn More »