My First Day as an Entrepreneur

Good morning everyone! Today is is an exciting day for me. It’s my first day on my new job of working 100% for myself. I can already see that there is a big difference in working for a boss and being the boss.

Another thing that strikes me about my first day on the job is how different certain things are from my previous job.  I’m getting the feeling that maybe I have been missing out on some benefits. Am I totally off base or could this be true?

New Org Chart

My Company Org Chart

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m in charge.

New Office Staff

New Office Staff

I love the people I worked with at my previous job, but not nearly as much as my better half/bookkeeper.

New Office Space

Office Space

This is pretty much where world domination will occur.

New Company Switchboard

The Company Switchboard, aka iPhone

I challenge anyone to show me a better solution.

New Commute

Office Commute

Traffic consists of the ottoman and any clothes or objects dropped on the carpet.

New Accounting Department


I’ve been using QuickBooks for years and love it.

New Server

Intel Processor

  • Intel 3210 Processor – Quad Core
  • 4GB Ram
  • 2 x 500GB HDD SATA
  • Raid Card (Raid 1)
  • CentOS 5.x 64bit
  • 2000GB Bandwidth
  • 5 IPs
  • Fully Managed

Stare at those stats for a second… Yeah. It’s all good. I stumbled onto a dedicated server about a month ago and will be writing more about this subject later. Not having a good dedicated box had been holding back my business back more than I had realized.

New Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy

Nuff said.

New Bandwidth Usage Policy

New Bandwidth Usage Policy - Pandora

If I had a boss, trust me, I wouldn’t be able to hear him. It’s going to be loud. I mean loud, brother.

New Company Car

Company Vehicle

I like the black one.

New Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker - The Starbucks near my Office

Don’t even think about becoming the Foursquare mayor of this joint.

New Dress Code

Company Dress Code

I don’t wear pajamas.

New Salary

No complaints so far :)

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