So you’re tired of all the corporate red-tape and you feel like you’ve got a wealth of skills and experience that aren’t being fully utilized. By now you suspect that Leverable SEO is a fun, dynamic company to work with (and possibly that we don’t really care about whatever “business casual” means) but the real reason you should be interested is the work itself. These aren’t just SEO jobs, they’re what we live and breathe.

Things move quickly around our virtual office (what, you expected us to be sitting in cubes in an office park somewhere?) and everyone at Leverable plays a pretty crucial role when it comes to making clients happy with results. We don’t need or expect all the top marketing professionals to live within 20 miles of Atlanta, GA – that’s why the Internet’s so great – and we think working virtually is far more efficient anyway. If you’ve got the skills, they’ll show in your work, no matter where you’re working from.

If you think Leverable might be a good fit for you, consider whether you’ve got the following: the ability to work in collaborative groups, the professionalism to consult with clients ranging from developers to CEOs, a “work ’til it’s done” mentality, and a propensity to bring new, exciting ideas to the table. If you think you’ve got all these attributes and even a few we didn’t mention (a 5-minute mile? ambidexterity? fluency in Klingon?) apply for one of our jobs.

We hire and train skilled contractors and freelancers and pay hourly or by project. Whether or not you see an official job posting here, we’re always looking to talk to talented people in these fields:

  • Editors and content producers with niche expertise
  • Social media powerusers
  • Up and coming SEO analysts

Available positions will appear here when posted.

Contact us or make your case at jobs at leverable dot com.