So you’re tired of all the corporate red-tape and you feel like you’ve got a wealth of skills and experience that aren’t being fully utilized. By now you suspect that Leverable SEO is a fun, dynamic company to work with (and possibly that we don’t really care about whatever “business casual” means) but the real reason you should be interested is the work itself. These aren’t just SEO jobs, they’re what we live and breathe.

Things move quickly around our virtual office (what, you expected us to be sitting in cubes in an office park somewhere?) and everyone at Leverable plays a pretty crucial role when it comes to making clients happy with results. We don’t need or expect all the top marketing professionals to live within 20 miles of Atlanta, GA – that’s why the Internet’s so great – and we think working virtually is far more efficient anyway. If you’ve got the skills, they’ll show in your work, no matter where you’re working from.

If you think Leverable might be a good fit for you, consider whether you’ve got the following: the ability to work in collaborative groups, the professionalism to consult with clients ranging from developers to CEOs, a “work ’til it’s done” mentality, and a propensity to bring new, exciting ideas to the table. If you think you’ve got all these attributes and even a few we didn’t mention (a 5-minute mile? ambidexterity? fluency in Klingon?) apply for one of our jobs.

We hire and train skilled contractors and freelancers and pay hourly or by project. Whether or not you see an official job posting here, we’re always looking to talk to talented people in these fields:

  • Editors and content producers with niche expertise
  • Social media powerusers
  • Up and coming SEO analysts

Available positions:

SEO Manager

We’re looking for an SEO Manager to join our team of trusted professionals on a contractor basis. Our SEO Manager needs to grasp every aspect of campaigns for up to five high end clients. The person must have excellent technical abilities and strong interpersonal skills to inspire the team to reach greater heights. The SEO Manager needs to be creative, independent and energetic.

Key Responsibilities

  • Possess a deep understanding and conviction of how SEO works today, both academic and experiential.
  • Analyze client websites using technical SEO tools to gain a comprehensive understanding of needs and opportunities. Formulate and prioritize steps to improve performance.
  • Perform in-depth keyword research and analysis to reveal gaps and uncover opportunities. Know how to integrate keywords into the SEO elements of a site.
  • Define the scope and resources, develop and manage the implementation of the SEO strategy. Coordinate the account team to bring your strategy to fruition. Own and communicate the progress of your SEO campaign to clients.
  • Participate in client discovery sessions that help you customize a winning SEO strategy.
  • Edit existing content and lead writers in the development of new content of the highest quality and that has the ability to earn links.
  • Evaluate backlink research and recommend an authority building strategy that will work.
  • Maintain Leverable SEO’s high standards of excellence in client consulting and deliverables. Steer clients and contractors away from risky short term tactics and toward a long term, ethical strategy.

The ideal SEO Manager embraces entrepreneurship and the virtual work lifestyle.

Pay and hours

  • Compensation is $18 to $38 per hour depending on skill and experience.
  • Expected workload is 10 to 20 hours per week.

SEO Analyst

We’re looking for an SEO analyst with at least a few years of experience to join the team. If hired, the person will learn tactics from experienced professionals, put them in practice and contribute ideas to achieve results.  The candidate should be enthusiastic, honest and have high standards.

Key duties

  • Help develop and communicate detailed SEO strategies to clients
  • Perform website evaluations and make recommendations for improvements
  • Perform in-depth keyword research and analysis to uncover opportunities
  • Write, edit and publish to WordPress exceptional content for clients
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Leverable clients’ business
  • Contribute ideas and collaborate with Leverable account team
  • Implement technical SEO recommendations on client properties
  • Be a key player in content from ideation to production to promotion
  • Perform link opportunity research for clients and company owned sites
  • Research and write engaging conversion-oriented web copy; edit and publish to WordPress
  • Remain up-to-date with current digital marketing trends
  • Project manage from start to finish the creation and promotion of successful websites
  • Be handy with WordPress, Excel and all manner of SEO tools.

The ideal SEO Analyst will most likely be the type who embraces entrepreneurship and the freedom and accountability of the virtual work lifestyle.

Pay and hours

  • Compensation is set per project. The more value the candidate brings, the higher the pay.
  • Expect to work at least 20 hours per week at the start.

Contact us or make your case or email jobs at leverable dot com.