10 Reasons to Contact Leverable Now

1.You think “SEO” stands for Stuff Everybody Overemphasizes

Sure you’ve heard of SEO but youdiv just don’t get the point. If your site looks good and works well it should rank just fine, right? If you don’t know much about title tags or Google Analytics and you think a Panda is a cute cuddly animal living at the zoo, you owe it to your company to call Leverable.

2. Your agency leaves you wanting more

So you’ve been working with an agency for years and things are… okay. They do a good enough job of handling your requests but you feel like you’re missing something on the creative front and perhaps that the partnership’s grown stale. Contacting Leverable can’t hurt. And hey, we won’t tell your agency.

3. You’re a talented developer but you live in Anchorage

You love to write code and work with graphics in your spare time but aside from Willy’s Bait Shop there aren’t many businesses nearby for you to partner with. If you’ve been looking to contribute and learn from a growing team of web strategists with a rock solid foundation in organic search, Leverable just may be that place. And, bonus: we don’t care if you work in your PJs.

4. Your social media experience starts and stops with MySpace

People have been asking why you don’t have a Facebook Business Page and you’re not exactly sure what a hashtag is but you think it sounds illegal. You know the social media world is growing and you’re feeling left behind… call Leverable to talk about what you could be doing to utilize your social collateral.

5. Your business is poised to break into a new market

If you sell shoes in the greater Atlanta region but you’re aiming to go global you’ve got to consider ramping up your tech efforts. Leverable can help people in Japan find you online and get you exposure in all four corners of the globe, or just around the U.S. Because everyone needs shoes, right?

6. You’re a web professional yourself but you need some help quoting for clients

You’re a web designer, not an SEO, but your client wants to talk about a creating link bait and a social media campaign and you’re not sure where to start. Give Leverable a call and let us work with you to quote out the nitty gritty so you can worry about pixels and PDFs instead of links and rankings.

7. You want to start a company blog but you’re writing style… stinks

Your boss just asked you to “write some blog posts” and you’ve broken out into a cold sweat. What do you write about and who’s going to read it? Is it I before E or the other way around? Leverable’s specialty is designing a content strategy that engages customers so we can help you with that blog or an entire linkbait campaign. And you don’t even have tell your boss.

8. Your website has all but disappeared from the rankings

It seems like overnight your company site went from #3 for “custom widgets” to…well, you can’t find it anywhere. Odds are you’ve inadvertently done something the search engines don’t like and Leverable can help you identify the problem, fix it and put measures in place to prevent it from happening again.

9. You’re a member of the press and you want to feature us on the cover of the Wired

We’re flattered, really. Check out our upcoming press kit and give us a call to talk shop or send us tickets to events or gift bags of SWAG. We don’t know what SWAG is but we want some.

10. You’ve got some great content but you just don’t know how to market it

Turns out your monthly sales graph is pretty darn interesting or you were featured in an industry magazine… but how do you get the word out? There’s a right way and a wrong way to distribute your message online. We’ll help you get the best eyes on your content and figure out ways to turn that content into sales.

Intrigued yet? If the above reasons weren’t enough remember that we love to chat about your business, your SEO plan and all things geek so contact us and find out what we can do for your company. Leverable’s ready and waiting to hear from you.

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