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Woman shocked looking at mobile phone - Overoptimized LinkedIn profile

The Most Overoptimized LinkedIn Profile Ever Created

Look hard at this image. Can you spot the overoptimization?

Man on phone lamenting bad SEO Timing

When to Do SEO

What are the critical times when a site most needs SEO?

Dog looking out in field - perhaps contemplating content marketing

Content Marketing Tips for Dogs

I’ve got a serious bone to pick with all these companies doing content marketing wrong.

People behind the great SEO quotes

10 Great SEO Quotes

These 10 classic SEO quotes still pack quite a punch today.

Tricked Blogger being kicked off cliff

How Bloggers Get Tricked with Comments

You have to be really clever to get someone to click on a questionable link. Let’s learn from some of the abhorrent tricks people and bots use to draw you into the flame.

Frustrated Daily Blogger

Why You Don’t Need a “Daily Blog Post”

Ask Google how often you should publish blog posts, and you’ll be bombarded with all kinds of different answers. Ask me and I’ll give you a straight answer!