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Conference Room for SEO

My First Week as an SEO Entrepreneur

Ages ago, I traded my SEO Manager title for full-time entrepreneurship. I want to share with you some lessons learned and discoveries made.

301 Redirect Cartoon

When Bad Redirects Happen to Good Websites

Regardless of good intentions, redirects are a double-edged sword. Here’s how to protect your business’s website from bad redirects.

"Little by little, a lot becomes a lot" - Tasmanian proverb

How to Choose Categories for SEO

What should we think about when deciding what and how many categories to create?

301 Redirect Sign

The Innocent Bystander‘s SEO Guide to Redirects

All about redirects and how to harness their power for SEO.

Colleagues lining up at 4:59 with SEO Requests

The Friday 5 O’Clock SEO Request

It is finally Friday and time to leave work after a long week of SEOing. This should be easy, right?

Title Tag Crowd

A Concise Guide to Title Tags for SEO

Here’s what title tags are, why SEOs care about them so much, and how to unleash their power.