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Me at my desk in the 1990's, AOL cd, certifications, Al Gore, guitar, coffee

Things I Miss from 1990s SEO

Take yourself back to the 1990’s. You’ll miss it but appreciate how much search engines have changed.

SEO Friendly Guy vs Strategic SEO Guy

SEO Friendly vs SEO Strategy

What do people mean when they say they can “do SEO” for you?

They usually mean one of two things.

Long-term SEO Benefits

Why SEO Must Be Long-Term

What happens between a website and a search engine is a relationship. But how should we look at SEO? Is it short-term or long-term?

Why No One Can Guarantee SEO Results

If you had a choice between SEO and guaranteed SEO, you’d always choose guaranteed, right? With any service, the guaranteed option is always better, right? No!


Forecasting SEO: How Do I Determine the Value Of A Keyword?

It’s REALLY hard to know how valuable a new keyword is before optimizing for it. Or is it? Here’s how you can forecast traffic for a set of new keywords.

David and Goliath - SEO Consultant vs Agency

SEO Consultant vs. Agency: Which Is Best?

Having worked in both agency and consultancy worlds, I’ve seen their strengths and weaknesses from the inside. Let me explain the differences.