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Be Thankful for Unsung SEO Heroes

Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to get this post that’s been in my head out.

The SEO community isn’t generally known for its philanthropy. Many people try to keep their discoveries to themselves to maintain a competitive advantage. However, some SEO professionals are committed to giving back to their colleagues. These people rarely get appreciation for the work they provide. This post is my thanks to some of the dedicated pros that have helped make SEO easier for everyone. Learn More »

Tombstone Inscription: Tales From The SERPs

Tales from the SERPs

Are you planning on sharing ghost stories with your friends and family this Halloween? You may not need to. I found some terrifying tales of cherished brands that fell victim to some of the darkest penalties ever forged from the pits of Mountain View.

Is Google “Behind You?”

With Google, you can do everything they ask and still get penalized. Yes, white hats can finish last. Many people like Jon Cooper have stopped even trying for fear of being penalized. Learn More »

Modern World Problem Meme: Beat by an Encyclopdia Site

10 Reasons Wikipedia Outranks You

I have noticed something over the 12 years that I have been using Google search. Wikipedia is usually on the front page every time I run a search. This has led me to believe that Wikipedia is probably the single best optimized website on the Internet. I’ve conducted research and found that it does in fact receive more search traffic than any other site in the world.

So why is Wikipedia ranking so highly in the search engines and what can you learn from it? Learn More »

Advantages of a Power Domain

How to Interrogate a White Hat SEO

How Great Content Earns Links

Advantages of a Power Domain

Domain Freak: "Great domain... I'll take two"
SEO Power Branding Power Geo Power Psychological Power Takeaways What’s the best name for your business website? Business owners endlessly struggle with this question because they know that something as simple as a name can ultimately dictate the success or failure of the organization. This is true for every company in every...

How to Interrogate a White Hat SEO

SEO Firm Hat Rack
If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard about search engine optimization (SEO). It is an entire industry that’s based on helping clients gain visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There is no magic switch that turns your website into the top listing on a search engine results page (SERP), so SEO firms have...

How Great Content Earns Links

The Link Piggy Bank for Link Earnings
While the SEO community laments the good ol’ days of easy link building, the new era of Google search results is undoubtedly better for the user experience. Yes, link building has gotten significantly harder, but this is actually a good thing if you look at the big picture. Look at any SEO blog and you’ll probably find an article with a...