SEO Cartoons

These cartoons were inspired by real-life SEO experiences and bizarre thoughts.

SEO Layoffs Cartoon - URL People Laid off, Not Meta Taggers
Why do the wrong people always seem to get cut? Developers laid off; meta taggers retained. Another day in the life of a SEO. Why didn’t they layoff the meta taggers instead of the IT group?


In-house SEO in the Outhouse - Cartoon
Ever get the feeling that your in-house SEO job is not as glamorous as it sounds?


Couple Experiencing Google Privacy - Cartoon
Google privacy? Ever have the sense that someone is in your room watching you, but you don’t mind? Privacy with big tech companies can be a delicate and intimate thing. Want to get the government out of your bedroom? Move over Google.


PageRank Sculpting Cartoon
Did you try sculpting PageRank by pointing internal links to your money pages, but it just didn’t turn out as planned?


Matt Cutts Doing Surgery on a Black Hat SEO - Cartoon
Reminiscent of that scene in Nightmare on Elm St (2010) where the patient sees the surgeon is Freddy Krueger just as she goes under.


Keyword Research Cartoon: Maybe we should just optimize the keywords for the site instead of vice versa
What do you do when the site doesn’t rank for anything on your keyword list, and you can’t change your website? Change keywords :) This cartoon was based on a meeting wherein site performance was so bad that someone suggested we should just change the keyword list instead of optimizing the site.


Archaeologists Discover the Canonical URL - Cartoon
SEO Archaeologists discover the find of a lifetime. Have you found the perfect URL to redirect all of your duplicate content pages too? Are all the keywords you want in the URL? All the hyphens? Is it short?


Matt Cutts Darth Vader Cartoon: "I feel a disturbance in the SERPs"
Matt Cutts as Darth Vader in this cartoon saying, “I feel a disturbance in the SERPs.” You Cannot Hide Forever, Luke.”


SEO Firm Hat Rack
Have you had the uncomfortable suspicion that your SEO firm is not who they say they are?

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