WordPress SEO

Have you been using WordPress but not getting results from search engines? WordPress is SEO-friendly “straight out of the box.” But despite all its great benefits, WordPress doesn’t come with an SEO strategy. You have to create one.

After working with WordPress websites for 10+ years, we’re bigger fans than ever. We support the Atlanta WordPress community and continue to have a deep appreciation for the SEO capabilities of WordPress. We specialize in WordPress SEO consulting services that help you get better organic search results.

Our WordPress SEO Process

When we work with you, our objective is to develop and execute an effective long term search engine optimization strategy that helps you receive the a higher number of visitors, leads, sales, etc. Each client has their own needs so we develop a custom SEO plan. These steps are some of the more typical in our WordPress SEO campaigns.

1. Set SEO Goals and Strategy

We take a simple benchmark on organic traffic, leads or whatever metrics are important to your business and estimate where we want you to be in 6 months and how we get there.

2. Provide a WordPress SEO Site Assessment

We develop a prioritized list of action items, analysis and recommendations to improve the existing site performance. This includes such things as optimizing plugins, sitemap, redirects, schema.org and other recommendations to improve SEO.

3. Develop a List of Opportunity Keywords

Research and determine the optimal keywords to target in respect to search volume, relevancy and conversion. We do this with keyword and competitor research tools and a hands-on business insights.

4. Outline Improved Site Structure and Landing Pages

Design a plan to create new landing pages or edit existing landing pages based on our keyword research findings.

5. Create a List of URLs Showing Recommended Tag Changes

We’ll show you a spread sheet containing the URL, title tags, description tags and other elements that help search engines understand and rank your pages better.

6. Make Content Recommendations for Key Pages Including Blog Posts

Provide instructions on how to proceed with developing future content, what keywords to use and how to incorporate them.

7. Perform a Backlink Audit to Determine Link Needs and Risks

We review links reported by Google Search Console and other tools and carefully determine which ones put you at risk for penalties and need to be disavowed.

8. Provide Social Media Analysis and Recommendations

Review the site and social media properties for connectivity and opportunities for improving followers and engagement.

9. Optimize Local Search

Determine the local search needs and opportunities and where to submit, optimize and claim local listings.

10. Mobile SEO

Ensure that your WordPress site is mobile friendly.

As we go along, we’ll consult with you and measure what’s important to you via reports based on analytics and search console data that you can view anytime. Take your WordPress site from SEO-friendly to SEO-strategic with a custom WordPress SEO campaign.