You Know You’re Doing Too Much SEO When…

Couple arguing over naming their child after high search volume keywords

  1. You check the search volume in your keyword tools when naming your children.
  2. You start pronouncing “SEO” as “seeyo” like Siri.
  3. You check to see if your “SEO Is Dead” post still ranks.
  4. You dress your kids as Google penalties on Halloween.
  5. You write keyword rich poetry.
  6. You check your sites’ analytics more than your blood pressure—and you think there may be a correlation.
  7. You refuse to read books with titles longer than 60 characters.
  8. You regularly check the availability of the domain name, “” just in case they’ve forgotten to renew.
  9. When you’re asked to exchange rings at your wedding, you hesitate, fearing there could be a penalty.
  10. You complain to your doctor that your x-ray scans contain too much duplicate content.
  11. It takes you 30 minutes to give a toast to avoid putting out thin content.
  12. When your kids misbehave, they get deindexed, not grounded.
  13. Watching basketball makes you wonder what your sites’ average bounce rate is.
  14. You created a sitemap for your house.
  15. Your spouse informs you that you’re hosting dinner, but you are sure that dinner .com, .net, .org, etc. domains are already taken.

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